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Hi.  I’m a young adult writer and some of you may have checked out my first two books:  Jason and Kyra or Played.  Well, now I’m working on a new novel for teens and beyond, as yet untitled.  And what I’ve decided to do is post parts of it as a blog. 

The new story is set at Cross High School in Detroit, just like the othe two.  This time there are two main characters:  Courtney and Jasmine.  They are sixteen year old girls, good friends, and coping with a lot.  Courtney is a volleyball phenom whose mother lost custody of her and her three younger siblings so now they’re all split up.  Courtney lives with her mother’s first cousin, who Courtney has always called her aunt, and the aunt’s husband.  Courtney is also in love with a boy from her old, rougher neighborhood.  His name is Marcel and he’s in a gang and sells drugs. 

Jasmine is an only child from a stable home, single mom, her dad is deceased.  However, Jasmine worries about her grandmother, who is struggling with cancer.  Additionally, there are some nasty photos circulating of Jasmine from tenth grade, and these still cause her stress.  Also, Jasmine is falling fast for a guy named Greg Hoover, that’s right for those of you who read Jason and Kyra, that’s Jason’s best friend.

There’s actually more, but I think that’s enough to get us started.  I hope you enjoy the story and tell lots of people about it.  Thanks for checking it out.

Peace and Blessings,